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1. PRP Full Face:

-PRP with it’s growth factors for a healthy glowing skin and fresh under eyes.



-Microneedling combined with Radio Frequency (RF) to tighten the skin, reduce scars appearance and       minimize the pores..

3. Botox 1 Area:

-For the frown lines, forehead lines or crows feet.


4. Clear + Brilliant:

-For a smoother and blemish free skin.

5. NCTF ( French Meso ):

-A rich mixture of over 50 vitamins, minerals and other components to restore hydration, radiance

and density to dull pigmented and aging skin.

6. Derma Mesotherapy:

-Dermapen with an infusion of antioxidants and vitamins to restore glow and smoothen the skin.

7. HydraFacial:

-It’s the ultimate HydraFacial combining LED lights and special boosters to cater to sensitive, rosacea,

acne-prone and aged skin.


8. Bikini Laser Hair Removal - 2 Sessions:

-(2 sessions) Hair Free! With the exposure of laser light pulses that destroys the hair follicle.

FLORAL 2.png
FLORAL 3.png
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